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Turn Around Jonny Lang!

When I came to the Maryport Blues Festival stage to see Jonny Lang, all I could see were roughly 20 senior citizens hanging out and eating sausages. Good thing is, by the time Jonny’s gig started, there were 400+ people and I had the perfect spot in the front row.
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Trouble with Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne makes my heart melt. Does this sound too cheesy?
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Will I see your face again, Ben Harper?

I was so excited to see Ben Harper live at Central Park in New York, but he was rather introvert and distant. He just didn’t feel like interacting with me (and the rest of the audience).
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Falling Leaves in New York

At my gig in New York my legs were shaking so badly that I nearly dropped the microphone.
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Ane Brun, go get them!

The wonderful singer-songwriter Ane Brun is one of 10 candidates nominated for a Scandinavian music prize – but unfortunately she’s up against Bjoerk who also had an album out this year.
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Gig in Tit (not Tits) Hall

There are no tits in Tit Hall.

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Great young singer-songwriters

So this is how “old-ish” feels like. I went to a concert and the only ones older than me were the parents of the musicians on stage. And Science Boy, who is luckily a few months older than me.
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