Great young singer-songwriters

So this is how “old-ish” feels like. I went to a concert and the only ones older than me were the parents of the musicians on stage. And Science Boy, who is luckily a few months older than me.

The Junction in Cambridge featured a couple of singer-songwriters last night. They were absolutely amazing and played lots of own material in addition to a few covers. Also, they’re all under 20 (at least that’s how it looks like). I was struck by their maturity, and the nerve to put themselves out there!

At that age I was locking myself into my room playing guitar, writing love songs, and pressing buttons on a crappy old tape recorder (yes, tape!).

So, back to last night: I liked Hugo Meredith-Hardy best. He’s a great story teller, his guitar playing is very articulate, and his songs are astonishingly mature. Inspired by Greg Holden, Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, Jack Conte, Arctic Monkeys he has written a couple of energetic, melodic songs. It’s hard to describe it but Hugo’s music has a special twist and stands out from the mainstream. “Hold the Fort” was my favorite song at the gig, “Tedium” is also really cool. Absolutely amazing though was his loop pedal – loved the way he added flavor to his songs with that. Hugo explains a bit more about his music and the pedal in an interview here.

Abbie Broom had such a beautiful voice. She sounds a bit like Kate Nash (she also played a cover of her), but you can see lots of personality in her own songs. Her song about a girls who is growing up but wants to stay daddy’s little girl at the same time was very touching, and I also liked “Torn Jeans”.

Last one on stage was Lewis Mokler, who seems to have a bit more experience with gigs. He played a cute little guitar and sang about his “lady friend” and Nutella – you should check out his gigs around Cambridge.

So what’s on my to do list now: It’s time I get over myself and arrange a gig for next year. I’ve been working on my set list for too long now. If these young artists can do it, I really should stop whining.

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2 thoughts on “Great young singer-songwriters

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  2. Nice blog! Check out this young (and female) singer songwriter…

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