Ane Brun, go get them!

The wonderful singer-songwriter Ane Brun is one of 10 candidates nominated for a Scandinavian music prize – but unfortunately she’s up against Bjoerk who also had an album out this year.

[update] Ane Brun is now among the 10 finalists! (added Dec 1, 2011) We will have to wait for the final announcement until Thursday February the 16th. Also nominated is Björk.

The lovely Ane Brun from Norway is nominated for the Nordic Music Prize 2011. In the beginning she was in a group of 50 candidates from Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark.

I Ane Brun at Quasimodo in Berlin (nice small venue) with my friend Sabine in 2009, and it was magical. Her voice is unforgettable, I think it has been described as angel-like, and that’s what I’d call it was well. It’s slightly trembling and fragile, very delicate, very unique. When you start listening to one of her albums, it’s impossible to press the “stop” button. Oh, and she passed the goose bumps test.

Ane showers you with wisdom, wit, and Sehnsucht. When I was at the concert she said that a music critic had described her once as “another Scandinavian suicidal singer”. She was referring to her song “Linger with Pleasure” which actually lets you dream and phantasize of a place where you are safe, calm, and relaxed. Very much like Buddhist meditation:

the only visitor I will invite
is the whispering wind or the sunlight
I’ll leave all disturbants at home
the evening papers and the telephone
but I’ll bring my memories
despite everything, I hope life will miss me

The last line probably triggered the suicide comment, although I really don’t see it myself. I find the song rather hopeful and it makes me smile.

I know various versions of her songs from her albums Sketches and Changing of The Seasons from listening to them constantly on a cold winter day, especially when I was missing Science Boy during our long-distance phase.

Armour is a wonderful waltz, and The Treehouse Song is a sad story about two people that thought they were meant for each other (but they aren’t). The Puzzle is a genius song – the lyrics, and the melody and dynamic are very catchy. Finally, with her song “Gillian” I always wondered if she meant Gillian Welch, who is an amazing singer-songwriter (country-ish). [Update] In an interview Ane Brun recently said something about the meaning of the song: “That particular song was written in a very, very difficult time in my life. I’m not going to talk about the specifics about it because it’s personal and I want it to be private. This song is very much for the listener. I think a lot of people – most people can feel that they understand this song.”

She sings:

Gillian played me a song
it was that day when everything was wrong
Gillian singing in my heart – in my ears
and tears running down
I was facing the ground

Gillian played me a song
I was so tired then
the music caressed my skin
just like when someone finally holds you and you can give in
this you’ve been avoiding
you think you’ll fall apart but it’s just that new start

The part when Ane sings “the music caressed my skin. just like when someone finally holds you and you can give in” – this is what I feel when I listen to Ane Brun’s music.

Ane, go get them and win that prize! After that please tour the UK again!

And I have already told my sister Melanie that Ane’s new album is on my Christmas Wishlist. [Update] I got it for Christmas and reviewed it here.

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