Falling Leaves in New York

At my gig in New York my legs were shaking so badly that I nearly dropped the microphone.

Ok, the heading of this post is very, very overstated. I lived in International House in New York City for a while. They have a great concert series each month called “Salon Night”, and invited me to sing something.

Unfortunately I forgot his name now but another resident at I-House was a jazz piano player, and we rehearsed “Autumn Leaves” in a version very close to Eva Cassidy’s interpretation. I had rehearsed the song with my vocal teacher in Berlin for a while, Kristofer Benn, we just included some improvisation on the piano in addition.

It went really well, although my legs were shaking so badly because it was my first gig in front of an actual audience with a flyer and posters and everything.

Afterwards a friend of mine, David, came up to me and said: “I knew you sing, but I didn’t know you sing like sing-sing!” And another friend and professional singer, Heidi Krenn, said I have a beautiful voice. Man, I was so proud (legs still shaking)!

Great memories!

Here is a pics of the evening (2005):

We also met for playing music together at other occasions in I-House, here are some pics taken by my friend Julio Quintero (2005/2006):

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