Trouble with Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne makes my heart melt. Does this sound too cheesy?

In other words:

Ray LaMontagne’s songs have been on my “Songs that Touched Me” playlist for a long time. I love his voice, it is so husky, soft, but sometimes gets really wild. I also love his beard.

In “Shelter” you have to listen to the second verse, “I left you heartbroken, but not until those very words were spoken. Has anybody ever made such a fool out of you?” This particular line and the guitar are so bitter sweet – at some point I covered that on my guitar and kept singing just that line for minutes.

“Lesson Learned” is one of the songs that can make me cry in a second on a bad day. I heard it first on my iPod on the London tube to a PhD interview at UCL – I really had to keep myself together there. Basically it’s about cheating, blame, denial and how two people have to accept that they cannot give anything to one another anymore. I love the metaphor “Well the truth it fell so heavy. Like a hammer through the room”. So very sad is this also line:

“Now you hold me close and hard. But I was like a statue at most. Refusing to acknowledge you’d been hurt. Now you’re clawing at my throat. And you’re crying all is lost. But your tears they felt so hot upon my shirt.”

I went with my friend Kripa to Ray’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall because Science Boy was unavailable. We had seats at the gallery. The Hall is amazing, it bears so much history and is beautiful. Only problem: from my seat the singer appeared tiny, I couldn’t even see his face. The sound was great, but I was irritated by the fact that Ray was not bigger than my little finger. That’s actually why I never want to go to large venues again (maybe for Jonny Lang though if he’s in the UK). So the songs were wonderful, but I felt I could have connected better had there been less people.

Here are some pics of the concert (2009):

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