Wrong t-shirt, James Morrison!

The Guardian has an excellent interview about James Morrison today. It’s about how he started out being called a romantic singer, and how he tries to get rid of that image. He says he wants to make real music, and tells how losing is father has shaped his new album.

I absolutely agree with the guardian when they point out his husky, grainy voice as the main reason for his success: “But the voice, with its natural grit and Stevie Wonderish timbre, turned out to be the golden ticket that took him from washing vans in Derby to a deal with Polydor, who saw in him an earthier answer to James Blunt.”

James Morrison has such a distinctive voice, and I can’t wait to see him live again. Last time that was in  his concert in the Berlin club Huxley’s in 2009. Me and my friend Pavleta danced so wildly that the other people around us kept 1 meter distance (and we were in the front row).

James is very cute, it looks like he loves being on stage, which made the live show an absolute delight. He’s smaller than I had imagined, reminded me a bit of Jay Kay (Jamiroquai) sizewise. He actually calles himself a “lightweight” in the Guardian interview himself.

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to accidentally buy the t-shirt of the support act Milow. It was somewhere on James’ merchandize table, it had a tree on it, and looked pretty. I thought maybe Milow is the name of one of his songs.

Turns out two weeks later that Milow is the name of the other band (which was not bad at all). Since the t-shirt now also has a hole in the shoulder I feel I can happily throw it out.

[Update] Did you see that James Morrison is running a T-shirt contest? One of these has a tree on it! (Dec 3, 2011)

Look out for my upcoming post on James’ new album, why I think he should stop singing duets, and how similar his song “Up” is to another tune.

Here are some pics of the gig (2009):


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3 thoughts on “Wrong t-shirt, James Morrison!

  1. pavleta on said:

    hell yeah!it was really a great concert, I enjoyed it so much. I had so much fun…Do you remember that one of the back vocalists was smiling at us all the time?Thank you one more time for inviting me, Nici!Well, I guess I will just have to wait for more of your music posts!
    I´m looking forward to hearing from you;)

  2. And why is Science Boy not mentioned here?! He would have gotten you the right T-shirt!!

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