Songwriter sees colors whenever she sings

Singer-songwriter Charlene Soraia sees colors when she hears music. Read on how synaesthesia shapes her music and why her new album should be on everyone’s current rotation.

There’s a fascinating article in the Guardian today which describes how people with synaesthesia see colors when they hear music, or smell odor.

Singer-songwriter Charlene Soraia, 22, describes how she sees “a sort of Oxford blue, with purple bits, like a dark cloud” when she starts singing. But it’s not only her own voice triggering her brain to visualize colors. When her Dad plays the guitar, she sees a “burnt-orangey colour”.

Charlene and her father have the same condition, synaesthesia, in which the brain merges two or more senses together. Other people see green when they smell toast, for example.

Since the Guardian asks if synaesthesia makes people more creative, I went straight to the singer’s webpage to check out her music. It is wonderful! Charlene Soraia has a new album, Moonchild, out, and she is touring the UK.

Her songs are gentle, her voice at times nearly wispers, and a beautiful guitar very subtle drums are carrying the tune forward. Sometimes there’s a jazzy tone to it.

Another reviewer at musicOHM finds the album a bit too melancholic, but loves her “intricate finger picking” on the guitar and her “heavenly vocals”. The Independent writes that her album is “clearly possessed of a vision”.

You might know her interpretation of “Wherever you will go” from the tv advertisement for a British tea brand. I had already heard it and wondered who the singer is.

So check out her concert dates and her new album Moonchild, synaesthesia or not…

And here’s a first taste of her music:

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