Mixtape #4: Best testosterony duets by singer-songwriters

I am literally heating up while I’m writing this. My earlier post about singer-songwriter duets featured only “him and her”. Here are the best testosterony duets from Jack Johnson to Eddie Vedder. Goose bumps promised!

Before I start, Science Boy, please look away just for this one post or scroll down to the very end for a message, my love.

Five plus one testosterony duets you need to know

Most duets seem to be done in a male-female constellation. I’m not even sure if guys like calling their collaborations a “duet”? This list is therefore slightly shorter than in my usual mixed tape series, but these really are the absolute 5 best male duets. There’s also a complete youtube playlist on my channel.

Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder: Constellations

I love Jack Johnson‘s song Constellations. But on the live album En Concert it’s the dark, strong voice of Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder starting off the song that gives me goose bumps. Those two should record a whole album together.

Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder: Hunger Strike

You’d think it can’t get any more testosterony. It can: Eddie Vedder teamed up with Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell to form the band Temple of the Dog in the 1990s. They only recorded one (great) album. The song Hunger Strike brings out both singers’ wild, sexy voices perfectly (sorry Science Boy!).

Listen to the second verse when the guitar gets more intense and Eddie Vedder starts his part! This song is one of the best from the Grunge period. Let me rephrase as I’m listening to the youtube version: It’s one of the best songs. Period.

Rufus Wainwright and Chris Stills: Harvest

A more quiet but still compelling duet is a cover of Neil Young’s Harvest, sung by Rufus Wainwright and Chris Stills. It’s on the beautiful album Sounds Eclectic that also features Damien Rice and Robert Plant. You need to listen to the second verse, starting with “Did she wake you up…” where both voices sing in harmony – fantastic!

Jonny Lang and the Blues Brothers: 634-5789

I should make it a rule: no blog post without Jonny Lang. He’s a singer and a songwriter, even if he doesn’t belong to the folksy, acoustic artists I usually write about. But he’s the best.

From all his collaborations I still like the song 634-5789 best, where Jonny Lang sings with Eddie Floyd and Wilson Pickett (not strictly a duet) on the Soundtrack of Blues Brothers 2000. Listen to the last verse sung by Jonny (at 2.25min).

Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice: To Love Somebody

And right to two other guys whose music I love: Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice. They sing To Love Somebody as a acoustic duet. It can’t get better than that. This is the song you want to hear when you get home exhausted after work, or on a sunny day with a cup of tea, or in the bath tub, or anytime really. It’s so good.

I think I should stop writing. I’m getting the strong urge to see Science Boy now. But there can be no post about male duets without Simon and Garfunkel, the ultimate and un-beatable duet singers. Here goes, the “plus one”:

Simon and Garfunkel: Scarborough Fair

As always, there’s a youtube playlist to play all songs back to back.

Check out best female duets


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