I’m building a shrine for the Fleet Foxes

Did you ever see Robin Pecknold from the Fleet Foxes blush on stage? Only because a girl in the audience screamed how wonderful the music is …

I’ve seen the magical Fleet Foxes twice now, once in Berlin, and more recently in London.

In Berlin they played at a small club called Huxley’s. It’s a great venue because only 300 people or so fit in. Science Boy was absent, so I took my friend Pavleta and we squeezed into the front row. Oh, how I loved the harmonies, it was an absolutely amazing concert.

At some point singer Robin Pecknold was about to start a tune on the guitar when a girl screamed from the back: “You’re wonderful!” He was a bit embarrassed (not sure, but he might have blushed) and said “Thank you, dear.” Very cute – and great audience in Berlin.

The Shrine is a magical song

The second time I had tickets for the Fleet Foxes I took Science Boy with me. They played at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, another great venue which is also not too big. I especially liked “The Shrine” from the Helplessness Blues album. The part where Robin sings (from 0.57min):

…Sunlight over me, no matter what I do…

Always gives me goose bumps, especially when he sings live. Robin’s voice becomes so raw and strong in that part. Also, the official video is a wonderful piece of art.

Trying to cover the Fleet Foxes

Since I find their music so touching and I love the way they use harmony, I’m now rehearsing the Tiger Mountain Peasant Song with my friend Helen.

We’re doing what the girls from First Aid Kit did in the forest. They have become quite famous now. Here are the chords we’re using.

Here are more pics from the Berlin (2008) concert:


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