Outlaws and other chased actors at Cambridge Junction

The Cambridge Junction promotes young bands once a month with “The Fiver”. Most exciting yesterday were Chasing Outlaws (indie rock) and Total Emergency (indie punk) with a mix of loud, loud and loud.

Best song of last night’s series of sets was “Roller Coaster” by Chasing Outlaws. The next morning Science Boy recalls them as “the one with the two brothers” over breakfast: Nic Orosa (Vocals/Guitar) who wrote “Roller Coaster” and Alex Orosa (Lead Vocals/Guitar). I especially like the tune that starts off the song – the theme repeats throughout the piece and has great potential to be remembered. Equally outstanding was the performance of their drummer Adam Winch-Furness who also played with Hugo Meredith-Hardy at the last Fiver. Chasing Outlaws is not just loud (very loud!) guitars but also memorable for their melodies.

Total Emergency and a varied set

Great potential showed also Total Emergency!, who write on their facebook page that they are “the most chronically loud and incredible band anyone had ever seen in their lives”. Being influenced by Blur, The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and Bob Marley they played a varied set that reflected these influences. The last song, was unrehearsed as they said, but I actually liked it best (I didn’t catch the title). I also liked the guitarists dreadlocks and his guitar solos (I should have put the solos first). Their drummer took off his shirt at some point, which was probably an attempt at keeping their promise that they can make “women in their crowds pregnant by simply watching them perform”. Check out their stuff at myspace.

The line-up also featured Hard Actors and Just William and the Outlaws, whose song “It’s a Long, Long Way to Tennessee” I really liked. Both played good sets, and they managed to pull the audience towards the front (which was mostly hiding in the shades at the back).

I’d like to see more of the Fiver concerts in the smaller venue J1 actually (like the one in November), which is much more intimate and its easier for the artists to connect with the audience.


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    2. This right here’s why I miss London so much. *Sigh*

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