The tree man and Mark Geary’s vital signs

This concert review cannot be objective. I love Mark Geary, I love the cafe Hotnumbers where he played last night, and he did sing a song for me at the concert. So here goes: This was one of the best gigs I’ve seen for a long time.

The smaller the venue, the better. Hotnumbers is a tiny cafe off Mill Road in Cambridge, UK, and it was packed with so many people that the singer hardly had space for himself. While snow fell outside, it got hot and cosy last night.

I heard the Irish singer-songwriter Mark Geary before, he was support act for Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova in Berlin some years ago. I really enjoyed his soft voice, storytelling, and finger picking on the acoustic guitar. Back then I bought the CD ‘s album “33 1/3 Grand Street” right away – and fell in love with the song “It beats me”.

Living room atmosphere

At Cambridge he told us lots of funny stories in between his melancholic, sometimes dark songs. It was really more like a living room experience. For example, a street artist in New York used to sneak into a coffee shop where he used to play and stole the tip money. Mark Geary calls him the tree man, because he used to have a tree stuck up his back.

Song about Mary

Apparently some other people knew him as well, but the English (and German) are quite shy, so only at the end did the audience request songs – he ended up singing “the song with Mary” (It beats me is the actual title) I asked for, just for me. Lovely song, I did sing along.

And not to forget, the evening started with a young singer-songwriter whose name I need to find out tomorrow. He had a funny song about how people behave when they apply for jobs and have to pretend they really want a career at ASDA, and another one about a wardrobe. He seems to be playing more often at the coffee shop, so I’m going to look out for him.

It beats me

Listen to Geary’s music

  • Mark Geary’s youtube channel
  • His new album on myspace
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    4 thoughts on “The tree man and Mark Geary’s vital signs

    1. Vince Gorman on said:

      Was a great gig, i really enjoyed it. It certainly was a cosy event 🙂
      I remember you asking for the song.
      My g/f is a huge fan of Mark and she introduced me to his music.
      Vince 🙂

    2. Great and honest review.The other singer is called Dan Wilde,and I bought his CD to take back to Sydney as I was very impress with what I heard.

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