Mixtape # 7: Best Lady Duets

Where are there so few duets with two female singers? The he-she combination seems to dominate singer-songwriters and folk music. There are some pure male duets more in the indie/rock corner. Below are a few rare duets by female artists only, non-cheesy, non-mainstream, all girl crush material.

I had to dig quite a bit to find these ladies for you. Most of the songs are live recordings. First Aid Kit was already on my radar, and I know Sarah Betten’s collaborations with Anouk and Skunk Anansie. Then Science Boy pointed me towards Sheryl Crow, and the rest was discovered on youtube (see the playlist).

First Aid Kit (covering Fleet Foxes): Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

I’ve always loved this song, be it from the magical Fleet Foxes or the girls covering it in the forest with their beautiful harmonies.

Cathy Davey and Lisa Hannigan: Blue Moon

This one’s very sweet. Lisa Hannigan used to sing with Damien Rice, and now she’s doing her own thing.

Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow: Landslide

Landslide is a song I ‘discovered’ a few months ago when I listened to a Fleetwood Mac album. I could not believe that I had not heard it before. Shortly after it was featured on Glee (not too bad version). However, nothing gets close to Stevie Nicks. Goose bumps all the way. And Sheryl Crow has a beautiful, distinctive voice. My friend Helen and I have been rehearsing this song and the harmonies.

Anouk and Sarah Bettens (K’s Choice): I alone

This is a song from when I was younger. An ex-boyfriend introduced me to the music of K’s Choice, and I love Sarah Betten’s husky voice. Anouk got famous with her song “I alone” and I used to listen to it a lot. It’s a very powerful song, both women have great voices.

Sarah Bettens and Skunk Anansie: Addict

Another song, addict, stems from my years going out with friends in Bavaria. It’s very powerful, unfortunately there’s only a live version (but it’s quite good).

Alison Krauss and ?? (help me!): The Boxer

The female Simon and Garfunkel. Who can help me out with the other singer who sings in the video?

Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch: Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby

This is a very country-ish version. It’s a-Capella, too. Sounds a bit like Buddhist meditation to me. If I ever start a mixtape for “songs to put a baby to sleep” this one will be on it. And, of course, Gillian Welch is always fantastic.

Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch: I’ll Fly Away

Listen to the full list on youtube


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8 thoughts on “Mixtape # 7: Best Lady Duets

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  5. Alistair McKinnon on said:

    Alison Krauss and ?? (help me!): The Boxer

    ?? = Shawn Colvin

  6. I’ve heard Katy B and Yasmin are supposed to do a duet this year… looking forward to that one!

    Great site by the way. Will add you to blogroll when I get to it 🙂

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