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5 Best feel-good albums a sunny Sunday morning brunch

Looking for albums to cheer you up, perfect for a sunny Sunday morning? I collected the best music by singer-songwriters that make you feel it’s sunny outside even if it’s raining.
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Michael Kiwanuka: He’s getting ready

London singer Michael Kiwanuka is the new rising star for this year: He has come top of the “BBC Sound of 2012” and has already toured with Adele. His debut album “Home Again” does sound promising: I love his soulful, warm voice – though I sometimes felt it’s struggling not to drown in the colorful, rich arrangements of his songs.
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In my dreams – one song, two feels

This blogpost has to be written mainly to get this song out of my head: “In my dreams” from the album “The Awakening” by James Morrison. What makes this song special is that Morrison recorded two versions, an acoustic one and an arrangement with a full band. The acoustic version makes me unbearably sad, while the other one is perfect to cheer me up on a Sunday morning.
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Sinéad O’Connor about songwriting: I write from a different place

Sinéad O’Connor is best known for her cover of Prince’s Nothing compares 2 U, and for tearing up a picture of the pope in the 1990. Over ten years on, she has recorded several albums, most recently “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?”. In the Guardian she talks about her songwriting technique.
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