5 Best feel-good albums a sunny Sunday morning brunch

Looking for albums to cheer you up, perfect for a sunny Sunday morning? I collected the best music by singer-songwriters that make you feel it’s sunny outside even if it’s raining.

These are the 5 best feel-good albums that I would categorize as perfect for a Sunday morning, Spring, sunny weekend or whatever. I combined the best songs on a 45min long youtube playlist.

1. First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

I’ve reviewed this album a while ago, being quite critical because I compared it to their earlier work. But having listened to it a bit more, I have to say I really love the melodies of the Swedish sisters. I listened The Lion’s Roar on a rainy Sunday morning and it cheered me up as if it had been the most sunny day. Good material for a Sunday morning brunch.

2. Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again

Michael Kiwanuka’s new album is great to listen to during breakfast or brunch when you have the whole day ahead of you and don’t have to bother about work. Especially the songs “Tell me a tale” and “I’ll get along” on Home Again put me in a really good mood.

3. Van Morrison – Days like this

Van Morrison’s album Days like this from the mid-nineties has been one of my favorite albums for a long time. The songs “Perfect Fit“, “Songwriter“, “Days Like This” can be used as beautiful background music if just crawled out of bed and just want to sit in the sun reading. There are lots of duets (or singing in harmony) on it, some of which with his daughter. Thank you Ingmar for gifting me this album a long time ago!

4. Jack Johnson – En Concert

Jack Johnson is the king of smooth, feel-good singer-songwriting tunes. I discovered his live album En Concert last year in the spring when I didn’t have a particularly great time. I listened to it non-stop in the car and it cheered me up greatly. Absolute highlights are “Country Road” with Paula Fuga, and “Constellations” with Eddie Vedder. Both of these songs on the album are among the best duets I have ever heard.

5. Brett Dennen – So much more

I discovered Brett Dennen when I lived in the U.S. for a while. You might want to compare him to Ron Weasley and Ed Sheeran (by now you know he’s a red-head). He’s one of these artists with a quirky voice and great story telling. “Ain’t no reason” and “She’s mine” on his album So much more are my favorites. Listen to So much more in the morning and you’ll have a great start into your day!

Check out a collection of these songs on my youtube playlist



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4 thoughts on “5 Best feel-good albums a sunny Sunday morning brunch

  1. Jack Johnson “En Concert” is one of my favorite albums that I listen to cheer myself up. His carefree attitude makes me smile. It also actually inspired me to start learning acoustic. Great list!

  2. fishandpoi on said:

    Great post! If you like Jack Johnson – check out the Best of Kokua CD on iTunes. We did a review for our blog followers – it’s a great CD. Aloha ~

  3. I totally agree on the list. I say Michael Kiwanuka at the NSJ-festival in The Hague and since then I am a big fan!

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