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New singer-songwriter favorite: Harper Simon – Wishes and Stars

girls-headThere’s an amazing song on the soundtrack of the HBO series GIRLS: Harper Simon – Wishes and Stars. That song works not just for twenty-somethings in NYC. The feel of the song immediately reminded me of Simon & Garfunkel’s beautiful “The only living boy in New York”. Little did I know Harper is Simon’s offspring!
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Beck’s sheet music only album is out: “It was a struggle for me”

When I first heard that Beck releases an album that consists not of a CD but sheet music, I was torn. On the one hand this could inspire lots of interpretation of all kinds of musicians. But it also excludes all fans who don’t read sheet music but, for example, guitar tabs. I will join the experiment and start interpreting the songs from Christmas on.

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Mumford & Sons inauthentic?

How have four polite Englishmen made their hoedown folk such a hit?, asks The Guardian today. Although Mumford & Sons seems to be a “thoughtful, friendly, uncommonly levelheaded band”, in the UK they get lots of criticism for being inauthentic.

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“Come set us free” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

These folk-rock songs make you want to be part of the band. You can see yourself in a circle of friends, hanging out and making beautiful music. The album “Here” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is magnificent and low-key at the same time. The Rolling Stone calls it “let’s-be-mellow-around-the-campfire vibe” and that’s about right.
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Young, pretty, charming: Charlotte O’Connor

Charlotte O’Connor is young and pretty, and she sings well, too. But it’s only when I stumbled upon her live versions on youtube that I was actually touched by her acoustic folksy/soul music. I even covered her.
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5 Best feel-good albums a sunny Sunday morning brunch

Looking for albums to cheer you up, perfect for a sunny Sunday morning? I collected the best music by singer-songwriters that make you feel it’s sunny outside even if it’s raining.
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Michael Kiwanuka: He’s getting ready

London singer Michael Kiwanuka is the new rising star for this year: He has come top of the “BBC Sound of 2012” and has already toured with Adele. His debut album “Home Again” does sound promising: I love his soulful, warm voice – though I sometimes felt it’s struggling not to drown in the colorful, rich arrangements of his songs.
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“The Lion’s Roar” by First Aid Kit – Missing the forest girls

They became youtube-stars after walking into a forest and singing a Fleet Foxes tune in harmony. Now the Swedish sisters First Aid Kit have their second album out – and they have grown up.
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Gillian Welch: We suffered from writer’s dissatisfaction

Like many singer-songwriters, Gillian Welch does not touch her audience by being a “party band”. She tells Acoustic Guitar that people come to her shows to sink into her world for little while. In its latest issue, the magazine reviews her album The Harrow and the Harvest and calls it a “unique body of work”. In an interview with the artist we also learn why it took eight years to write the new album.
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These days I just walk with you

Ane Brun’s new album “It All Starts With One” shows the singer-songwriter’s darker side. Accompanied by accentuated drumming and minimalist arrangements, her fragile voice carries you through the melancholic songs with lightness and grace.
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