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Mixtape #9: More songs about winter, snow, and Christmas

snow-headAfter my Mixtape #2: Best songs about winter and snow, I collected some more indie and singer-songwriter songs for winter and Christmas. They are also on a youtube playlist.
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Mixtape #8: Best Funny Songs about Christmas

xmasheadThis is a mixtape with the best funny and weird Christmas songs. 100% non-cheesy, non-“Last Christmas”. Listen to all songs in one go on my youtube playlist.
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Mixtape # 7: Best Lady Duets

Where are there so few duets with two female singers? The he-she combination seems to dominate singer-songwriters and folk music. There are some pure male duets more in the indie/rock corner. Below are a few rare duets by female artists only, non-cheesy, non-mainstream, all girl crush material.
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Mixtape #6: Songs about Science

Some say the future of science (and music) lies in collaborations. And it is in the spirit of collaboration that Science Boy and I – have joined forces to bring to you this collection of Best Songs About Science. Read on to find out what Science has to do with Love, and how Daniel Radcliffe plays into that.
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Mixtape #4: Best testosterony duets by singer-songwriters

I am literally heating up while I’m writing this. My earlier post about singer-songwriter duets featured only “him and her”. Here are the best testosterony duets from Jack Johnson to Eddie Vedder. Goose bumps promised!
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Mixtape #3: Best duets by singer-songwriters

Duets can be wonderful and horrible at the same time. When a singer just teams up with someone else for commercial purposes, the result is often boring. But there are rare occasions when two voices melt together and carry a tune to new levels. Here are the best non-cheesy duets by singer-songwriters.
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Mixtape #2: Best songs about winter and snow

Cold and chilly outside? Heading home for Christmas? If you need a mixed tape for December, here are the best songs about winter and snow that deviate from the usual Christmas crap on the radio. Also check out Mixtape #9: More songs about winter, snow, and Christmas.
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Mixtape: Best songs about having babies

What happens when a singer has a baby? He sits down and records a song. James Taylor about “sweet baby James”, and Scott Stapp from Creed has his “arms wide open.” These are the 5 best songs for parents to-be or those who’ve just welcomed a newborn into the world.
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Mixtape #1: Where love lies waiting – best songs about home

Have you ever been sitting on the train feeling lonely? Too many strangers? Do you just want to head home? Love the life-on-the-road self-pity by singer-songwriters? Need a gift for friend who travels a lot?
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