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New singer-songwriter favorite: Harper Simon – Wishes and Stars

girls-headThere’s an amazing song on the soundtrack of the HBO series GIRLS: Harper Simon – Wishes and Stars. That song works not just for twenty-somethings in NYC. The feel of the song immediately reminded me of Simon & Garfunkel’s beautiful “The only living boy in New York”. Little did I know Harper is Simon’s offspring!
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Mixtape #9: More songs about winter, snow, and Christmas

snow-headAfter my Mixtape #2: Best songs about winter and snow, I collected some more indie and singer-songwriter songs for winter and Christmas. They are also on a youtube playlist.
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Mixtape #8: Best Funny Songs about Christmas

xmasheadThis is a mixtape with the best funny and weird Christmas songs. 100% non-cheesy, non-“Last Christmas”. Listen to all songs in one go on my youtube playlist.
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Mumford & Sons inauthentic?

How have four polite Englishmen made their hoedown folk such a hit?, asks The Guardian today. Although Mumford & Sons seems to be a “thoughtful, friendly, uncommonly levelheaded band”, in the UK they get lots of criticism for being inauthentic.

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Wedding first dance – how to pick and arrange your song

The first dance at your wedding should be perfect. It’s a magical moment with your loved one and everyone is watching you. If you look for an original, non-traditional song that could work, there are a few things to think about before you give it to your DJ. Here are some tips from my own wedding.
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5 Best feel-good albums a sunny Sunday morning brunch

Looking for albums to cheer you up, perfect for a sunny Sunday morning? I collected the best music by singer-songwriters that make you feel it’s sunny outside even if it’s raining.
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In my dreams – one song, two feels

This blogpost has to be written mainly to get this song out of my head: “In my dreams” from the album “The Awakening” by James Morrison. What makes this song special is that Morrison recorded two versions, an acoustic one and an arrangement with a full band. The acoustic version makes me unbearably sad, while the other one is perfect to cheer me up on a Sunday morning.
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Singer-songwriters, fight to keep your soul!

Whenever a singer-songwriter has increasing commercial success, he starts fighting to keep his soul. Read on to find out why singer-songwriters hope to stay true to themselves by connecting to their “home”.
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Mixtape #2: Best songs about winter and snow

Cold and chilly outside? Heading home for Christmas? If you need a mixed tape for December, here are the best songs about winter and snow that deviate from the usual Christmas crap on the radio. Also check out Mixtape #9: More songs about winter, snow, and Christmas.
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Kiss a sunset pig – why singer-songwriters dream about home

I’ve been wondering why so many singer-songwriters want to go home. Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Carole King – these are just a few on the current rotation of notnicolajames who sing about home in one way or another.

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