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Ane Brun: Songwriting is “magical”

The music magazine Three Monkeys has a great interview with Ane Brun in which she reveals her songwriting technique. While Leonard Cohen writes too many verses, Gillian Welch only records a song if she can remember it after weeks, Ane Brun is mostly “inspired by emotional and existential topics”.
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These days I just walk with you

Ane Brun’s new album “It All Starts With One” shows the singer-songwriter’s darker side. Accompanied by accentuated drumming and minimalist arrangements, her fragile voice carries you through the melancholic songs with lightness and grace.
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Excellent Christmas Gifts

Santa Claus brought me wonderful Christmas gifts that I can recommend for anyone with an interest in singer-songwriters. Best one is a T-Shirt telling people how not to call me Nicola James, also great a book on songwriting by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers. He writes: “We fall in love with songs; we break up and wonder how we ever could have gotten into that affair. We take everything personally.” Like!
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Ane Brun, go get them!

The wonderful singer-songwriter Ane Brun is one of 10 candidates nominated for a Scandinavian music prize – but unfortunately she’s up against Bjoerk who also had an album out this year.
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