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Kiwanuka touches the heart

I will remember Michael Kiwanuka‘s Cambridge concert (Junction, May 22, 2012) for a long time, for two reasons: His voice is even better than on his CD, it’s heavenly. And he gifted me and my husband a wonderful moment during his song “Rest“.
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The tree man and Mark Geary’s vital signs

This concert review cannot be objective. I love Mark Geary, I love the cafe Hotnumbers where he played last night, and he did sing a song for me at the concert. So here goes: This was one of the best gigs I’ve seen for a long time.
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Outlaws and other chased actors at Cambridge Junction

The Cambridge Junction promotes young bands once a month with “The Fiver”. Most exciting yesterday were Chasing Outlaws (indie rock) and Total Emergency (indie punk) with a mix of loud, loud and loud.

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Gig in Tit (not Tits) Hall

There are no tits in Tit Hall.

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Great young singer-songwriters

So this is how “old-ish” feels like. I went to a concert and the only ones older than me were the parents of the musicians on stage. And Science Boy, who is luckily a few months older than me.
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