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Songwriting – The Myth of Perfection

When you write a song, don’t try to be too perfect from the first line. No matter “how good or bad or ugly you think it is”, it can help you move on to writing a better next line, next song, next album. This is a great tip from Jeffrey Pepper Rodger’s book The Complete Singer-Songwriter.
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Lyrics to “Bridges” by Charlotte O’Connor

Here are the lyrics to a song of the singer-songwriter Charlotte O’Connor. I covered this song on youtube.
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Young, pretty, charming: Charlotte O’Connor

Charlotte O’Connor is young and pretty, and she sings well, too. But it’s only when I stumbled upon her live versions on youtube that I was actually touched by her acoustic folksy/soul music. I even covered her.
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Kiwanuka touches the heart

I will remember Michael Kiwanuka‘s Cambridge concert (Junction, May 22, 2012) for a long time, for two reasons: His voice is even better than on his CD, it’s heavenly. And he gifted me and my husband a wonderful moment during his song “Rest“.
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Charlene Soraia – the new Joni Mitchell?

Charlene Soraia is phenomenal: her voice is unique, playful and like nothing I’ve heard before, her intricate finger picking like a jazz pro who’s been on tour for 20 years, and her arrangements and melodies are sophisticated way beyond a 23-year-old. After three of her songs at the Cambridge Junction a thought crossed my mind that I did not anticipate: she might be a new Joni Mitchell.
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In my dreams – one song, two feels

This blogpost has to be written mainly to get this song out of my head: “In my dreams” from the album “The Awakening” by James Morrison. What makes this song special is that Morrison recorded two versions, an acoustic one and an arrangement with a full band. The acoustic version makes me unbearably sad, while the other one is perfect to cheer me up on a Sunday morning.
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The tree man and Mark Geary’s vital signs

This concert review cannot be objective. I love Mark Geary, I love the cafe Hotnumbers where he played last night, and he did sing a song for me at the concert. So here goes: This was one of the best gigs I’ve seen for a long time.
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Ane Brun: Songwriting is “magical”

The music magazine Three Monkeys has a great interview with Ane Brun in which she reveals her songwriting technique. While Leonard Cohen writes too many verses, Gillian Welch only records a song if she can remember it after weeks, Ane Brun is mostly “inspired by emotional and existential topics”.
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I’m now collecting news about singer-songwriters on!

I am now collecting news on singer-songwriters, folk singers and acoustic music on! I find stories through reading the Guardian every morning, checking google news, and by occasionally buying music magazines. I hope you like it! You can either click the link Singer-Songwriter News under Blogroll on the right hand side, or go there directly:

Leonard Cohen: “Hallelujah took around two years”

After discussing how Gillian Welch writes songs, now it’s the turn for legend Leonard Cohen. In a Guardian interview he explains why he doesn’t like slogans in songs, and why it took him two years and 80 verses to write his song Hallelujah.
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