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Mixtape #6: Songs about Science

Some say the future of science (and music) lies in collaborations. And it is in the spirit of collaboration that Science Boy and I – have joined forces to bring to you this collection of Best Songs About Science. Read on to find out what Science has to do with Love, and how Daniel Radcliffe plays into that.
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These days I just walk with you

Ane Brun’s new album “It All Starts With One” shows the singer-songwriter’s darker side. Accompanied by accentuated drumming and minimalist arrangements, her fragile voice carries you through the melancholic songs with lightness and grace.
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Mixtape #3: Best duets by singer-songwriters

Duets can be wonderful and horrible at the same time. When a singer just teams up with someone else for commercial purposes, the result is often boring. But there are rare occasions when two voices melt together and carry a tune to new levels. Here are the best non-cheesy duets by singer-songwriters.
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Kiss a sunset pig – why singer-songwriters dream about home

I’ve been wondering why so many singer-songwriters want to go home. Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Carole King – these are just a few on the current rotation of notnicolajames who sing about home in one way or another.

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Mixtape #1: Where love lies waiting – best songs about home

Have you ever been sitting on the train feeling lonely? Too many strangers? Do you just want to head home? Love the life-on-the-road self-pity by singer-songwriters? Need a gift for friend who travels a lot?
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Dream on, James Morrison

If you don’t like James Morrison, his new album The Awakening is not the one to change your mind. If you’ve enjoyed his previous albums, like I did, please only listen to the deluxe version of The Awakening. Read on to find out why James’ quiet songs are the best, and what his song “Up” has to do with the anime tv series Ghost in the Shell.
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Wrong t-shirt, James Morrison!

The Guardian has an excellent interview about James Morrison today. It’s about how he started out being called a romantic singer, and how he tries to get rid of that image. He says he wants to make real music, and tells how losing is father has shaped his new album.
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Turn Around Jonny Lang!

When I came to the Maryport Blues Festival stage to see Jonny Lang, all I could see were roughly 20 senior citizens hanging out and eating sausages. Good thing is, by the time Jonny’s gig started, there were 400+ people and I had the perfect spot in the front row.
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Trouble with Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne makes my heart melt. Does this sound too cheesy?
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Falling Leaves in New York

At my gig in New York my legs were shaking so badly that I nearly dropped the microphone.
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