“Hi, I’m Nicole Janz!”
– Nicola James, was it?

“No, Nicole Janz!”
– OK, Ms James, what can I do for you?

“You can call me Nicole.”

– Nicola, what can I do for you?

Welcome to my blog. Since I’ve been living in the UK, people have been calling me Nicola James. At the doctor’s office, in university administration, at workshops. Problem is: My name is Nicole Janz. I’m a PhD student in Politics at Cambridge University. I like it when friends call me Nici, you can also call me Nicole. Don’t ever call me Nicola James.

What to write? Once I had the name for my blog, it took a while to decide what to write about. My political science research? (Please not in the evenings!) Everyday married life? (Newly-wed has little to say) How I like living in the UK? (Read Watching the English that covers all).

Something I’m passionate about? – Yes, singer-songwriters!

I love listening to singer-songwriters
, any singer with a guitar and decent melody is already enough to shower me with sweet sadness and Sehnsucht. If there’s a single thing I’m passionate about, it’s my CDs, old concert tickets, my guitars, and my journals and post-its with half-written songs I’m working on.

So this blog will be about singer-songwriters, interpretations, great new songs, with a strong personal twist (why do I “feel” a song is great, rather than writing a professional review).

I hope you enjoy it and comment wildly and widely.


8 thoughts on “About

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  2. I’m a big fan of singer-songwriters, Nici *he says, because he’s now her friend*. So I love this concept on your blog. Also, my wife (and kids) lived in England for four years when I was in the Air Force in the early 90’s. So I would like to follow your blog for those two reasons. Look forward to reading more.

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  4. Hi Nicole. Love your blog. Love Science Boys stuff too. I read your co blog on Songs about science. It was really interesting and I watched every video. Can I send you the link to another song about science and spirituality?
    Thanks for your contributions Nicole.

  5. I really enjoy your work. Great job finding articles that matter. Look forward to seeing more.

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