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New singer-songwriter favorite: Harper Simon – Wishes and Stars

girls-headThere’s an amazing song on the soundtrack of the HBO series GIRLS: Harper Simon – Wishes and Stars. That song works not just for twenty-somethings in NYC. The feel of the song immediately reminded me of Simon & Garfunkel’s beautiful “The only living boy in New York”. Little did I know Harper is Simon’s offspring!
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Mumford & Sons inauthentic?

How have four polite Englishmen made their hoedown folk such a hit?, asks The Guardian today. Although Mumford & Sons seems to be a “thoughtful, friendly, uncommonly levelheaded band”, in the UK they get lots of criticism for being inauthentic.

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“Come set us free” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

These folk-rock songs make you want to be part of the band. You can see yourself in a circle of friends, hanging out and making beautiful music. The album “Here” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is magnificent and low-key at the same time. The Rolling Stone calls it “let’s-be-mellow-around-the-campfire vibe” and that’s about right.
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Beck’s new release is sheet music only – not a recorded CD

This is an interesting and exciting move: Beck is releasing an album that consists purely of sheet music. There will be no CD. Thank God I’ve started to learn reading music last year!

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Young, pretty, charming: Charlotte O’Connor

Charlotte O’Connor is young and pretty, and she sings well, too. But it’s only when I stumbled upon her live versions on youtube that I was actually touched by her acoustic folksy/soul music. I even covered her.
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Charlene Soraia – the new Joni Mitchell?

Charlene Soraia is phenomenal: her voice is unique, playful and like nothing I’ve heard before, her intricate finger picking like a jazz pro who’s been on tour for 20 years, and her arrangements and melodies are sophisticated way beyond a 23-year-old. After three of her songs at the Cambridge Junction a thought crossed my mind that I did not anticipate: she might be a new Joni Mitchell.
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Warming to Jessy J.

Unexpectedly I find myself warming to Jessy J. Not the mainstream performer, but the singer-songwriter. In a review of her duet with James Morrison I was underwhelmed, but I like her songwriting and voice in acoustic versions. Read more…

Michael Kiwanuka: He’s getting ready

London singer Michael Kiwanuka is the new rising star for this year: He has come top of the “BBC Sound of 2012” and has already toured with Adele. His debut album “Home Again” does sound promising: I love his soulful, warm voice – though I sometimes felt it’s struggling not to drown in the colorful, rich arrangements of his songs.
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I’m now collecting news about singer-songwriters on!

I am now collecting news on singer-songwriters, folk singers and acoustic music on! I find stories through reading the Guardian every morning, checking google news, and by occasionally buying music magazines. I hope you like it! You can either click the link Singer-Songwriter News under Blogroll on the right hand side, or go there directly:

Excellent Christmas Gifts

Santa Claus brought me wonderful Christmas gifts that I can recommend for anyone with an interest in singer-songwriters. Best one is a T-Shirt telling people how not to call me Nicola James, also great a book on songwriting by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers. He writes: “We fall in love with songs; we break up and wonder how we ever could have gotten into that affair. We take everything personally.” Like!
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